Hi there! My name is Mireya, and I'm a commercial actor
& model at the age of 51!


Hi there! My name is Mireya, and I'm a commercial actor
& model at the age of 51!

Here we celebrate ageless beauty, our fine lines of living life, and embrace our natural curves. I still have much to learn in self-love, but I invite you to come along with me on my journey of more self-acceptance and love.

read my story. promise it's a good one.

trust the process

It wasn't until I was 24 and my then female boss was looking over my shoulder at work and commented, "hmm, for such a young woman, you have a lot of grays." I just laughed it off, but I was embarrassed and ashamed; I did not want to like an old lady with young children. That was the turning point to start dying it to my "natural" color.
At first, it was every month and a half the first few years, until turning one month shy of 42, I was dying it every week and a half! I hated it. I was a slave to the bottle. But I was also mortified if anyone ever knew that I had gray.

I remember vividly AS A CHILD ON THE playground a long strand shining amongst my long dark hair.

I don't believe in luck. However, my higher power (GOD) wrote my story before I was even born. Never in a million years did I ever fathom being an actor, much less a model. I'm the daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico; I was brought to the U.S. at the tender age of one and half years old. My first language is Spanish, and I was raised in East Los Angeles.
As far as I can recall my earliest childhood memories, my parents, especially my father, always had some gray. Gray had always been normal to me. 

What I thought was once a curse, God has turned into a blessing.

One month short of turning 42, I decided to stop the viscous cycle of neglecting who I truly was. I stopped dying my hair cold turkey for 12 months. At first, it was hard, REALLY HARD. There was never a day that I did not think about the white skunk line on my head. I felt as if the world was watching me. But I plowed through it, and little by little, I started to fall in love. The worst part of growing it out was all the uninvited comments, advice, jokes, and remarks about my gray, mostly from family. Still, I kept my cool and kept strong.

i thought to myself
"who am I kidding? Who am I trying to impress? accept who you are, accept your age, gray and all!"

I was recently signed with ENVY Model Management in July 2020; I connected with my agency through a school that teaches and trains people in the entertainment industry. I love what I do, how I represent my Latino community, the silver sisterhood community, beauty over 40, and plus-size women. I'm very active: I walk, bike ride, lift weights, and swim. 
So far, I've been in several commercials: Target, Nissan, Starbucks, Lifetime Channel, NFL Shop, Sephora, Athletic Greens, Jardiance, just to name a few. My agent, Russel Frank, who has rallied for me since the beginning, is nothing but fantastic. I've been runner-up for Estee Lauder on several occasions, and even though I have not gotten the spot, I know I'm very close!

 Little did I know this decision would lead me to today, commercial actor and model.

 Also, in that time, I had lost and maintained weight loss. A friend/acquaintance from church took an interest in taking my pictures; he is/was a lifestyle photo stock photographer. I agreed but thought to myself, "why me?" I did it out of enjoyment and the experience of being photographed. This was in 2017. 

Many trims, and 3 years later, I was fully transitioned. I loved it! I could not have been happier.


Let's create something beautiful!